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Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look at our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us for more answers. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can!


Q: Are your products GMP Certified?

A: Yes! All of our products are GMP Certified by the Natural Products Association.


Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: All of our products are manufactured right here in the United States in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Q: Are your products Gluten-free?

A: Yes, most of our products are! Where applicable, our products will have a Double Verified Gluten Free® logo on the front of the label (lower-right).

Double Verified Gluten Free® testing program ensures that finished products undergo gluten testing using an ELISA test, to detect the presence of gluten. Once the test confirms no more than 10 ppm gluten, the Double Verified Gluten Free® logo will be placed on the front panel of the label. This process is in addition to what we’ve already done: validating the allergen statement for raw materials does not list gluten, making the entire process DOUBLE VERIFIED.


Q: Do you have a physical store?

A: We don't - and this is by design. We want to keep our operating costs as low as possible so that we can pass savings onto you. In addition, part of the value we provide is convenience in online shopping and the removal of high-pressure in-store sales.


Q: What is the reason behind the various colored logos?

A: We want to keep the supplements buying experience as easy and transparent as possible. We also know that most supplements will have benefits that cross over into different health benefit categories. That said, we created our Areas of Health, by separating our supplements into various categories for easy recognition (example: red for heart health, orange for vision health, yellow for brain health, etc.).



Q: How are you able to claim the you have "the best quality" supplements?

A: Before any supplement gets our logo on it, we do extensive research and vet our ingredient suppliers. We pride ourselves on offering the freshest, purest, most potent, high quality supplements. But their are other ways that you can see  our quality for yourself:

1. We package all of the appropriate supplements in amber glass bottles to increase shelf life by protecting your product from light and moisture and ensuring the product remains at full potency. And, they are more easily recycled than plastic bottles.

2. Prolonged release coatings on appropriate supplements release nutrients at the most beneficial time for optimum absorption by the body.

3. Two safety seals protect against tampering — a full body heat-sealed plastic sleeve plus a seal under the cap.

4. Disintegration time tests are run on every batch to ensure that the tablets and capsules break down.

5. Full disclosure means our labels list each ingredient and nutrient in the product.

6. All of our products are GMP Certified by the Natural Products Association.


Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: Yes!


Q: What is the best way to contact you with questions or to make a return?

A: The best way to reach us is via email, either by filling out the contact form here on our website, or by emailing us directly at We promise to get back to you as soon as we can. In addition, you chat with us live now, or call us at +1 (844) 200-WELL.


Q: Are your products organic or non-gmo?

A: All of the products that we feel benefit the most from being organic or non-gmo are - like our soy proteins and whey proteins.

Most of our products are also Double Verified Gluten Free®. We also have vegetarian capsules, vegan protein, and Friend of the Sea® certified fish oils.


Q: What does it mean when you say you have Friend of the Sea certified fish oils?

A: (from the website):

Sustainability is no doubt the keyword to the future, as it is the only way to ensure a future for current and next generations. Sustainable Seafood is part of this philosophy.

Over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. Oceans serve as the world largest source of protein and represents the main food source for over 2,5 billion people. Marine fisheries directly or indirectly employ over 200 million people. Oceans make up 97% of the Earth water and absorb about 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans on the earth. The only way to keep on benefiting from oceans’ resources is to respect them.

Every day Friend of the Sea strives to make sustainability a reality, involving more and more key players in the project. Friend of the Sea leads fisheries which join the certification program to adopt selective fishing methods, reduce ecosystem impact and manage within maximum sustainable yield. The certification also ensures high quality standards in terms of energy efficiency and social accountability.

Friend of the Sea aquaculture farms produce with no use of growth hormones, respecting waters parameters and critical habitats.

Friend of the Sea is constantly engaged in awareness campaigns to make all people, adults and children, conscious of the importance of purchasing and consuming only certified sustainable seafood.


Q: Is your payment processing secure?

A: Yes, we use Shopify Payments and PayPal - both online gold-standards for payment-processing.


Q: Do you share my personal information outside of your company?

A: Never! Your personal information is meant only for your online account with us. We never, lease, or rent your data to anyone.


Q: What makes you different from major vitamin retailers?

A: Several things:

1. Before any product gets our logo on it, we've done rigorous research on the raw materials to insure they are of the highest quality. This is why you'll notice we have far fewer SKUs than a major retailer. For example, we don't believe in offering you 50 different Vitamin Cs of varying quality. Instead, we've selected the highest quality Vitamin C for you.

2. We only stock the highest quality supplements. There are no average or subpar products in our store.

3. We aim to inform you, not sell you. There is no high-pressure in-store sales like you'll find with many large vitamin retailers.

4. We give each one of our customers personalized service with our attention to detail and customer care.

5. We aim for fast shipping on your order by getting it out same-day in many cases, instead of taking 2-3 days just to "process" your order. And if we're out of a product, it will be unavailable to add to your cart... we've seen some sneaky retailers let you know it's on back-order after you've made your purchase.


Q: I thought I heard in your promotional video that you were a small business. Are you sure? Your website makes you look larger...

A: Well, thank you for the compliment on the website (if that was a compliment). :)  But, yes, we are a small business- and we'd like to keep it that way. We understand that customer experience is key- and many larger supplements retailers fail to make that a priority.